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Dear fellow readers, as you might have noticed, this blog post is in English. It’s a follow up to my last post but also part of my application at the  Toptal Web Engineering Network. So don’t shy away, just read on, my dear.

Being in the middle of a frustrating process of applying for jobs which I am not sure I really want, I am considering going freelance and doing contract work.

The thought of being responsible for yourself is intriguing. Working on projects you picked yourself, being able to work from home, making your own schedule, having a healthy work-life balance – all this sounds like a dream job, especially when you have kids and practically run the family.

I know what what I can do. I love to code. I adore all things Web. I know I really have fun working on such projects. I am super-productive when it comes to that.

The interviews I have been to during the last weeks have been often frustrating. Employers trying to convince me that I am not suitable for the job or the money I want to earn, that I am too inexperienced and basically know nothing about the world outside academia. Like I am the Jon Snow  in a Game of Office Chairs. It’s not like I have been living in a hole in the ground the last 36 years of my life. I know what’s going on. I know what I am good at. I know what I am able to learn quickly. Whenever I do some work for others, build Web sites, create something, they appreciate the work I do and that is what I want. To do work that helps others and not to be made small by superiors.

The thought of being self-employed is also scary as hell. When you start reading about all the rules and requirements for opening a small company or registering as a freelancer you really start to think twice. Everything seems to be extremely risky, you have to earn money right from the start to be able to pay for your health insurance, retirement funds, taxes, and maybe earn a bit on the side for the pure joy of living.

I am not sure yet, if I can really take the plunge and work as a freelancer. The possible risks make me fringe. But then again, working on my own seems to be really the thing I want to do.

[photo credits: Philip Taylor]

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